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About Us was founded by Julian Ghionoiu and Nick Zak.

We spent a number of years assessing and hiring high-quality software engineers for a global digital transformation consultancy. was born out of our frustrations with existing developer assessment solutions.

We passionately believe that hiring companies and candidates deserve far better. Our mission is to change the world of technical assessments by creating solutions that provide objective and unbiased data.

The Accelerate fully-customisable platform will underpin a suite of technical delivery focussed challenges.

Developer Insights captures how all our challenges will be engineered in the future.

They will provide our clients with:

  • the confidence that they are hiring candidates who have proven that they will deliver
  • significant time savings, by both shortening the recruitment process and making faster offers to the proven best candidates

With the success of Developer Insights, we are currently working on DevOps Insights, which will be available in 2022.