Hi, I am Julian.

As a developer myself, over the years I was asked to carry out various take-home assessments, screening challenges and pairing exercises. And as a hiring manager, I was spending a lot of time trying to understand my candidates' technical abilities.

I found the limited nature of screening challenges and the subjective feedback I received from hiring managers from take-home exercises insufficient to properly assess the skills of developers. Often leading to losing out on good candidates or hiring developers that could not cut-it in the real world.

So together with my business partner, I launched Accelerate.io with the aim of offering hiring managers deeper insights into candidates' technical skills and offering candidates an improved experience.

And what we've ended up with is a customisable platform which helps hiring managers define the skill sets and candidate profile, reduce the length of the hiring process and improve consistency in hiring decisions across the recruiting team.

I hope you will find the time to discover a new approach to technical assessment

- Julian Ghionoiu


Accelerate helps you define the skill sets/ candidate profile you are looking for and improve consistency in hiring decisions