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Use Developer Insights to:

  • Confidently know your candidates’ speed and development technique
  • Reduce the time you spend on interviewing by 50%
  • Make faster offers to your proven candidates

Confidently know your candidates’ speed and development technique

When you hire a developer, you rely on them to deliver fast clean code. But if you don’t have data on how fast they code or their development technique, the chances of making a bad hire are quite high. Developer Insights eradicates this risk.

By putting candidates through a real-world online challenge, with changing requirements, Developer Insights simulates how candidates work once they are on the job.

Developer Insights delivers all of the data gathered on the candidate’s performance in a simple to read report. This enables Hiring Managers to make a confident decision in minutes.

The results speak for themselves: our clients are achieving 80% interview to offer ratios because they are now supremely confident that they know the candidate's technique and ability to deliver.

Reduce the time you spend recruiting by 50%

Most companies have a two-stage assessment process, e.g. an online test followed by a take-home exercise. This lengthens the hiring process without really giving you true insights into a candidate’s speed and technique.

Before Developer Insights
Online algorithmic test
1. Just screens out candidates who can't code
Take-home assignment
2. No time data - can they deliver?
Face to face interview
3. After two assessments, confidence in their delivery skills is still low

However, as a one stage coding challenge, Developer Insights does better job than two traditional challenges combined. Essentially, it halves the recruitment time.

With Developer Insights deployed
Engagement call
1. Companies need to sell the role, rather than trying to screen out candidates
Face to face interview
3. Highly confident they can deliver

Additionally, by assessing candidates up-front with Developer Insights, you are uncovering which of them have the skills you require.

You are not just filtering out non-qualified candidates. You are identifying your best ones.

On average, our clients reduce time spent in interviews by 50%.

Make faster offers to your proven best candidates

Our insightful reports mean you will identify your best candidates faster and only expedite those candidates who have proven they meet your requirements.

This results in both faster offers and increased interview to offer ratios.

You and your team will spend less time hiring the best developers and become far more aligned on what a good candidate “looks like”.

Additional benefits

  • Improved candidate experience
  • Eliminate bias
  • Increased consistency and confidence

Developer Insights is good for candidates as well!

Get a true picture of their abilities by testing them:

  • in their own environment, using their own IDE and tools
  • on their time, enabling them to pause and resume at their own convenience

When high performing candidates are tested with Developer Insights, they have a positive “candidate experience”, and that makes your company stand out versus your competitors, giving you the advantage on landing the best devs.

Eliminate bias

Companies that are open to hiring diverse individuals from all types of backgrounds, have access to a larger pool of talent. Your goal should be to eliminate any form of discrimination from your hiring process.

Developer Insights has been built to help you counter the negative effect of unconscious bias. Our reports do not reveal the candidate’s identity. Only the person who emailed the challenge to the candidate will know which report is theirs.

The decision to progress a candidate is solely based on their performance on the challenge.

Increased consistency and confidence

Making the wrong hire is costly for your company, but without a process, or a systematic approach, your team cannot have predictable hiring success.

Developer Insights enables you to stop guessing and hoping for the best by replacing it with a proven process that allows you to confidently and consistently know who can perform to the standards you expect in a new hire.

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