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Benefits of Developer Insights

There are considerable benefits of being able to identify candidates that deliver.

Deliver your projects on-time and on-budget

By identifying and hiring a developer who delivers 50% faster and to a better quality than other candidates, you are far more likely to achieve the following business outcomes:

  • Projects and solutions delivered on-time and on-budget
  • Clean code that is easy to understand and maintain
  • Confidence and predictability

Insure against a bad hire

You can't afford to spend days or weeks of your time sourcing, interviewing and onboarding new team members, only to have to fire them later because they don’t have the technical ability to deliver.

The real costs of a bad hire are: £75,000*.

The breakdown is:

  • Hiring costs: £10,000
  • Total Compensation: £30,000
  • Cost of maintaining employee: £10,000
  • Disruption costs: £10,000
  • Severance: £5,000
  • Mistakes: £10,000

*Based on a Developer who earns £60k and has been terminated after 6 months.

Spend less time interviewing

When hiring top-notch developers, you’re not buying, you’re selling.

The key insight is:

The best candidates don’t want to be assessed on the first call.

You need to turn the recruitment process upside down and start with selling your company, the role, the project, the tech etc.

Once you have the candidate interested, you can then ask them to complete the Developer Insights challenge.

Developer Insights provides your team with all the information they need to have the confidence to expedite those candidates who meet your standards.

  • more engaged candidates
  • a greatly reduced process
  • beating your competitors to the best candidates
  • eradicating the “technical game of cat and mouse” with candidates at the face to face interview and focussing on their goals and objectives for joining
  • having objective data to decide whether a candidate is worth the salary you are paying
  • you and your team getting more “days back”

Increase your interview to offer ratio

The interview to offer ratio is the recruitment metric that tells you how well your process is working.

It provides a holistic view of your recruiting efficiency and should, within reason, remain stable.

However, when you implement Developer Insights we are confident that your interview to offer ratio will increase dramatically and then become stable.

The reason is that as you will have far greater insights on candidates at outset, you will only expedite those candidates who have proven that they can deliver.

The benefits of an increased interview to offer ratio for you and your team are:

  • identifying the best candidates faster
  • spending less time on making a hire
  • more aligned on what a good candidate “looks” like

Improved candidate experience

You want the candidates to perform at their best during the challenge. Our solution supports them to achieve this by enabling them to complete it:

  • In their own environment, using their own IDE and tools
  • In their own time, enabling them to pause and resume at their own convenience

High performing candidates (the ones you are more interested in hiring) are more likely to have a higher “candidate experience” and, as a result, your company will stand out versus your competitors as a good place to work.

Eradicate bias

Companies that are open to hiring diverse individuals from all types of backgrounds, have access to a larger pool of talent. Your goal should be to eliminate any form of discrimination from your hiring process.

Developer Insights has been built to help you counter the negative effect of unconscious bias. Our reports do not reveal the candidate’s identity*. The result is that the decision to progress a candidate or not is solely based on their performance on the challenge.

*Only the person who emailed the challenge to the candidate will know which report is theirs.

Increased Consistency and Confidence

You want to be consistent in your recruitment process, and be confident in your hiring decisions as a failure can be very costly.

To put it simply:

Without a process, or a systematic approach, your team cannot have predictable hiring success.

Our solution enables you to build consistency into your process and, as a result, confidence that you are achieving the desired outcome: hiring developers with the right skills and capabilities, who will deliver.

The dreaded business case!

Whilst we are absolutely confident that Developer Insights will provide you with a significant ROI, we appreciate that you may need our help to create a business case.

Our recommendation will always be to try Developer Insights for free first.

As it’s in the “doing” that you will really find out how it will help you identify the Developers who will deliver for you.