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How iwoca is disrupting FinTech with this secret recruitment weapon

  • Industry: Financial Technology
  • Location: London
  • Number of employees: 300


Since using Accelerate’s Developer Insights solution, iwoca have:

  • Shortlisted quality developers for interview within minutes
  • Hired 80% of interviewees - only the best are interviewed - giving senior developers more time for innovation
  • Made confident recruitment decisions in a sector where mistakes can be costly

“With the Developer Insights report, it takes less than 5 minutes to assess a candidate.”

“Our developers do not have to compile, test or run the candidate’s code.”

Will Hayes, Engineering Manager, iwoca

Here’s how it worked for them. And could do the same for you ...

The Challenge:

It’s a story of David Vs. Goliath.
iwoca offers credit to small businesses in the UK and Germany. They’re competing with giants
who’ve stood for centuries. And the stakes are high.

As Will Hayes says:

“As a lender to small businesses we want to be in a position to be able to make confident hiring decisions.”

None of their previous hiring methods provided total confidence.

Take-home challenges were slow and difficult to assess. When candidates used different languages, for instance, it was hard to know who was best.

“We need to be the finance company of today, whilst being the platform of the future. And we need to work with developers who can deliver this vision.”

Will Hayes

Understanding the results is effortless.

Developer Insights benchmarks and ranks all your candidates for you. Every metric is presented as easy-read tables and charts, including:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Time distribution across each round
  • Test coverage
  • Coding technique
  • Time penalties (added for coding mistakes)

What's more, other assessment tools often force your applicants to use unfamiliar software.

Developer Insights is different.

Your candidates work in their preferred IDE.

This means you don't see a talented developer battling an unfamiliar environment.

You see what they're really capable of. And identify the candidates who can deliver.
With Developer Insights you uncover the hidden talent your competitors may have missed.

The Results:

“The key difference is the speed at which our developers can evaluate the candidate’s assessment report.”

Will Hayes

What used to drag for days now gets reviewed immediately.

“Developer Insights identifies candidates that deliver.”

Will Hayes

And because Developer Insights provides you with the critical metrics to understand your candidates’ coding technique and delivery ability, deciding which candidates to progress to interview takes just a few minutes. And because Developer Insights uses every important metric to rank your candidates, picking your top interviewees is a breeze.
iwoca now offer jobs to 80% of interviewees - freeing up their top developers for innovation.

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