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How Valtech finds top-notch developers in HALF the time

  • Industry: Digital Consultancy
  • Location: London
  • Number of employees: 160


Over the past 12 months, Digital Consultancy Valtech have:

  • Reduced their time to hire by 50%
  • Effortlessly hired top quality candidates – only the best are interviewed with 80% then employed
  • Enjoyed a 100% success rate with new developers

It’s all thanks to Accelerate’s ‘Developer Insights’ assessment.

“Developer Insights mimics clearly what we would expect them to do as part of the day job."

“When we use Developer Insights, no one has failed their probation period.”

Kevin Harkin, Managing Principal, Valtech

Please read on to discover how it works for Valtech. And how it will for you.

The Challenge:

Does your developer recruitment feel like a gamble?

This was the problem for Valtech.

“One of the things that we value very strongly is how people approach software development,”
said Kevin Harkin.
“You need to know if that person, in terms of their approach to engineering, is going to be compatible with your organisation.”

None of Valtech’s previous assessments were providing these much needed insights. Algorithmic tests filtered out the worst candidates.

However, it was impossible to draw meaningful conclusions about the rest:

  • Who has mastered their development technique?
  • Who can easily change existing code...without adding bugs?
  • Who’s most comfortable with their tools in a high-pressure situation?

“The truth of the matter was everyone scored incredibly highly,” Harkin said.

Traditional take home tests were no better - they missed other vital metrics like speed of delivery.

And all these assessments were adding weeks to Valtech's hiring time.

“We had a lot of candidates who pulled out because the process was just too long,”

“We acknowledge that we are in a competitive market for people and we don’t want to put ourselves at a disadvantage.”

Kevin Harkin

Thankfully, Valtech addressed all of these challenges with one easy solution.

The Solution:

Accelerate’s Developer Insights Assessment tests your candidates through scenario-based coding challenge.

“Developer Insights mimics clearly what we would expect them to do as part of the day job,” Harkin explained.

What’s more, it records every useful metric:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Time distribution across each round
  • Test coverage
  • Coding technique

This reveals deep insights you cannot find anywhere else.

There's no need to trudge through piles of data. Each candidate’s results are presented on a single page.

“The way the reports are laid out, you see straight away whether someone is worth looking into.”

Kevin Harkin

With penalties added, Developer Insights has found some developers are 15X faster than others.
This one insight could dramatically lower your overheads.

Still not sure who’s right for you?

Your candidates can use to their own tools for writing, testing and compiling their software.
What's more, Developer Insights records the candidates' IDE.

This enables you to review exactly how they approached the challenge.

The most important thing for me, and what I find most impressive, is that ability to look into how someone has approached a problem.”

Kevin Harkin

The Results:

Within 12 months of using Developer Insights, Valtech enjoy:

  • A 50% faster recruitment process. Valtech have hired their new employees before rival companies have the chance to swoop in.
  • Less time wasted on interviews. Valtech now hire 80% of interviewees, because Developer Insights reveals the top candidates for you.
  • 100% success rate with new recruits. “When we use Developer Insights, no-one has failed their probation period,” Kevin Harkin explained.

Even better, Valtech are gaining a strong reputation amongst top talent. Giving them a priceless edge against the competition

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