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“We have been able to make job offers to 80% of candidates who did well on the challenge and came in for an interview.”

Will Hayes, Engineering Manager, iwoca

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What Makes Developer Insights So Incredibly Different?

Unlike other assessments, Developer Insights simulates real-life coding situations.

You see how your candidates will perform on the job. You select interviewees without any other time-wasting drudgery.

Quality developers are rare. If your hiring process drags, you're probably leaking top talent.

Developer Insights removes this worry.

You get everything you need to make accurate decisions fast.

“Developer Insights mimics clearly what we would expect them to do as part of the day job. When we use Developer Insights, no one has failed their probation period.

Kevin Harkin, Managing Principal, Valtech

How Developer Insights Identifies Developers That Deliver

The secret lies in its test structure.

When you make an offer to a Developer, are your confident that they can deliver?

With Developer Insights you can be very confident.

The reason is, as a scenario-based coding challenge, your candidates must rethink and adapt decisions as they progress. For example, a solution in round 1 may be reused in round 2. This imitates real life projects.

How Developer Insights Halves Your Recruitment Time

Most companies are deploying a two stage assessment process, e.g. online test followed by a take-home exercise.

This lengthens the hiring process without giving additional insights.

Before Developer Insights
Online algorithmic test
1. Just screens out candidates who can't code
Take-home assignment
2. No time data - can they deliver?
Face to face interview
3. After two assessments, confidence in their delivery skills is still low

As a one stage scenario-based coding challenge, Developer Insights does better than two traditional challenges combined.
Essentially, it halves the recruitment time.

With Developer Insights deployed
Engagement call
1. Companies need to sell the role, rather than trying to screen out candidates
Face to face interview
3. Highly confident they can deliver

Discover The Hidden Talent Your Competitors Will Miss

Other assessments restrict the candidate to an online IDE.

This puts both you and your candidates at a huge disadvantage.

You risk overlooking top talent simply because they’re uncomfortable with the tools.

Not with Developer Insights.

Your candidates use their own IDE. And you see what they’re really capable of.

No Wonder Clients Now Swear By Developer Insights

Those who use Developer Insights have:

  • Effortlessly identified quality candidates – with 80% of interviewees hired
  • Reduced their time-to-hire by 50% and more
  • Enjoyed a 100% success rate with new developers

Here are just some of the amazing stories from companies like yours.

You see, Developer Insights is much more than a tick box for your hiring process.

It identifies developers that deliver, and thus saves you significant time.

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